Web Services

Our SaaS platform coupled with our robust services offering, empowers our clients to respond quickly to changes in marketplace. The growth in High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs) means consumers are spending more time interacting with their account-based providers than with their insurance companies. This shift is pushing the industry towards consolidated platforms that offer unified branding and one-stop shopping. Unlike the Acclaris solution, many ABHP platforms are not synched up to service offerings and do not have built-in web services flexibility.

The Acclaris team recognized this dynamic early on and focused on making 100 percent of consumer-facing information and read/write transactional capabilities available via standards-compliant web services. This includes plan information and detailed transactional information, as well as claims and payment information from health plans and accounts.

Our solution supports all B2B integration channels (Portal, Mobile, IVR, CRM, Payments, and Statements). No other platform offers this depth of read/write web services integration across multiple channels via a single interface. Working with Acclaris means you can offer a fully-integrated user experience that fulfills your brand promise. The result? Simplified integration, a better user experience and a much faster time to market.