You need integrated technology and services configured to your exacting specifications and delivered under your own branding for a seamless consumer experience. And we’ve got it. Because our technology and services have been developed and evolved concurrently from the beginning, we are able to deliver a flexible, scalable and robust solution for supporting all account-based plans on a single secure platform.

What is included in the standard Acclaris offering?

Our software was architected with significant flexibility in mind. For the vast majority of clients, extensive built-in configurable options mean that implementations are accomplished without the need for lengthy custom projects.

Here’s what is included in the Acclaris standard offering:

  • Account based health plan accounts and other reimbursable accounts – Tuition, Wellness, Commuter
  • Portal and mobile app
  • Service suite – call center, claims management, treasury
  • Online issue management – help tickets
  • Debit card
  • Communications
  • Acclaris team resources: Client Delivery, Sales, Product Development, and Implementation support