Final Steps for ACA Compliance & Benchmarking for Benefits Administration

“HealthCare Consumerism Radio hosts Ron Bachman and Doug Field talk to guests from Tango Health and Acclaris. The second guest will be Seth Ravine, chief revenue officer at Acclaris.

The headlines say it all; health insurers are struggling with managing costs in the face of the Affordable Care Act. Acclaris recently launched a new benefits benchmarking tool that gives benefits administrators a way to help advise employers on how they can make better business decisions to save money. On today’s show, Seth will discuss how the advanced reporting dashboard gives users a way to quickly get a strategic snapshot of current account information and in-depth trend analysis. Users can use the tool to see how they stack up against their peers and spot important trends and shifts as they happen to successfully navigate the changing benefits landscape.” Click here to listen.

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