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Dean Mason, Acclaris CEO, discusses Defined Contribution for Retiree Health Care | IHC Radio

Dean Mason, Acclaris CEO, Discusses Defined Contribution for Retiree Health Care on IHC Radio

Easing the burden of providing retiree health coverage | Employee Benefit Advisor

As active employees move into a retiree population, health care decision-making also changes. Some companies provide a subsidy to the retiree population for purchasing health care on their own, but the tracking of that subsidy and the associated premiums create …
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Firms Offer Retiree Health Care Solution for Employers |

“Employers are looking for ways to manage the cost of providing retiree health coverage, and the retiree community needs solutions that are easy to understand and manage to ensure they get the full value of their benefits packages,” says Acclaris …
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