Consumer Benefits


Our technology is loaded with features to keep consumers informed and simplify transactions. Intuitive workflows facilitate engagement and reduce the need to engage customer support directly.

By working with Acclaris, consumers realize:

Easy-to-Use, Self-Service Interface
  • Simplified online claims entry
  • Image upload capability
  • 24/7 online support via embedded help ticket based CRM
  • Full transparency into CDH lifecycle
  • Mobile app to photograph receipts, submit claims, check real-time balances and receive messages
Real-time Decision Support
  • Single source for all account types
  • Consolidated dashboard presentation of balances, recent transactions and required actions
  • Easy online access to all transaction detail
  • Electronic, real time prompting of claim processing status
Complete Financial Transparency
  • Ability to create up-to-the-minute account activity summaries
  • Online access to images of all submitted claim forms, receipts and other account-related documentation
  • Access to previous year transaction history
Professional Support Channels
  • Integrated and help ticketing system for online service inquiries
  • Real time IVR for phone-based self service
  • Live customer service support for handling complex issues
  • Automated e-mail notification of claim status