Client Benefits


By removing limitations to growth and efficiency, Acclaris creates a more profitable path for clients to focus on growing their own business. By working with Acclaris, clients realize:

Enhanced Growth & Profitability
  • Flexibility to create new revenue channels
  • Scalability to assimilate high volume
  • Service platform that adapts to peak periods
  • Support throughout the sales cycle
Greater Efficiencies
  • Single platform centralizes benefit administration of all account types
  • Reduced manual processes and paper intensity
  • More efficient processes for cost control
  • Automated work queues and distribution
Risk Management Best Practices
  • Strict HIPAA/PHI compliance
  • ADA-compliant website
  • Secure data exchange environment
Highly-Configurable Technology
  • Clearly-defined and hierarchical setup options
  • Administrator and employer level privileges and branding
  • Vendor-agnostic debit card and investment solutions
  • Seamless processing integration
Member/Participant Engagement with Less Escalation
  • Easy-to-use, self-service online features
  • Integrated, real-time IVR supporting inbound service requests
  • Timely communications to build participant confidence