When it comes to benefit reimbursement administration for their employees, organizations should not have to worry about the accuracy and reliability of their processing platform. Acclaris takes the burden off employers while enhancing their control.

Benefit Reimbursement

Greater CDH Adoption

  • Simpler account administration drives adoption
  • Highly competent support channels for members/participants
  • Reduced costs through greater efficiency

Highly Configurable Technology

  • Private-label branding
  • Clearly-defined and hierarchical setup options
  • Administrator and employer level privileges and branding
  • Seamless processing integration

Efficiencies throughout the System

  • Single platform centralizes administration of all account types
  • Reduced manual processes and paper intensity
  • More efficient processes for cost control
  • Automated work queues and distribution

Our technology, your branding.

Enhanced Decision-Making

  • Access to member accounts and help tickets
  • Consolidated, real-time reporting
  • Advanced reporting capabilities

Member Engagement with Less Escalation

  • Easy-to-use, self-service online features
  • Integrated, real time IVR supporting inbound service requests
  • Timely communications to build participant confidence